The Automatic Water Injection device (hereinafter referred to as the device) is a new product developed by advanced embedded microprocessor technology and instrument control technology. By organically integrating flow meter, flow regulating valve, controller and process pipeline, the device has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, intuitive display, high control accuracy, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, manual and automatic control flow mode can be switched freely. It applies to high pressure water injection and polymer injection engineering in oil field specially. This device effectively solves the realistic difficult problems over the years, such as unable to achieve smooth water injection, quantitative water injection and accurate water injection in high-pressure water injection and polymer injection. It has saved an extensive amount of manpower and material resources, and provided technical support for reducing the transmission difference and increasing the production of oil field. This product widely applies in automatic measurement and control schemes such as oil field injection, chemical industry, scientific research and industrial sewage treatment etc.

Structural composition

Main components: flow meter, controller, flow regulating valve, steel gate valve, process pipeline.

Functional features

Automatic control function. Automatic control and adjustment based on the set water injection quantity;

Real time viewing function. Able to view the setting, real-time and cumulative parameters of water injection volume in real time;

Various mode conversion function. The controller can be freely converted into automatic

mode and manual mode;

Production management function. Based on the analysis and arrangement of data, objectively grasp the water injection status of the well station and make timely adjustment;

Remote transmission function. Match remote transmission unit according to the reserved communication interface to realize data remote transmission.

Technical parameters

Nominal pressure: 1.6-42MPa;

Power supply: DC24V / AC220V;

Applicable media: water, oily sewage;

Environment temperature: – 10 ~ + 55 ℃;

Medium temperature: 0 ~ + 60 ℃;

Atmospheric pressure: 86-106kpa;

Measurement accuracy level: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 (optional);

Signal output mode: RS485 signal and 4 ~ 20mA signal (optional).


Flow control range

Nominal port(mm)  Nominal pressure(Mpa) Matched vortex street / turbine type flow meter Matched electromagnetic flowmeter
Flow range
Flow range
Flow range
Accuracy level Flow range
Flow range
Flow range
Accuracy level




0.7-7.0 0.4-4.0 0.2-4.0  



0.05-1.0 0.1-2.0 0.2-4.0  



25 1.0-10 0.7-7.0 0.35-7.0 0.1-2.0 0.2-4.0 0.3-6.0
32 1.7-17 1.0-10 0.5-10 0.2-4.0 0.3-6.0 0.9-9.0
40 2.5-25 1.7-17 0.8-16 0.3-6.0 0.9-9.0 1.5-15
50 4.0-40 2.5-25 0.9-18 0.9-9.0 1.5-15 2.2-22
65 4.8-48 4.0-80
80 9.0-90 5.0-100
100 14-140 8.0-160


A professional after-sales engineer team provides on-site installation and commissioning, repair and maintenance services.

Shandong Shengzhe Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shengli Oilfield of China, and the place where the Yellow River enters the sea – Dongying City, Shandong Province. Founded in 2013, the company has a registered capital of 60 million Yuan and a covering area of 16985.17 ㎡. It is a supplier of special petroleum equipment integrating research and development, production, sales and technical consulting.

The main products: multi-parameter metering device of Mobile oil well, multi-parameter metering device of crude oil wellhead, multi-parameter metering device of oil well in metering room, unit / branch line multi-parameter metering device, gas metering device for oil and gas wells, automatic water injection device, intelligent medicine feeder, controlled inverter energy saving system of oil well group, hitch valve block skid, wellhead connection skid, etc. At present, the products have obtained multiple certifications such as ISO9001 Quality, ISO14001 environment, OHSAS18001 occupational health management system etc.

By adhering to the business philosophy of “Quality, Reputation and Service”, the company has committed to develop more valuable products in the industry to meet customer demand since its founding. At present, the company has established friendly cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign oil field companies. The company has won a good reputation for its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system. It also has a strong leading management team and a professional and enthusiastic sales team, providing effective support for decisive decision making, pleasant communication and high quality service.

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