Intelligent medicine feeder is a complete set of equipment integrating dosing, mixing, liquid transportation and automatic control. It is mainly applied in pharmaceutical delivery of oil and water wells, gathering and transportation stations and oil pipelines in oil fields, as well as in chemical industry, environmental protection, water supply system and other industries. The device is mainly composed of dosing tank, dosing pump, stirring mechanism, liquid level alarm system, pipeline, control cabinet, diaphragm buffer, filter, insulation device, automatic control device (optional), etc., and is integrated on a base. Users simply install it in the dosing room, connect the dosing pipe and the power to start and put into operation. This factory-integrated device can significantly reduce the work of design and on-site construction, and provides reliable assurance for the quality and on-site operation of the whole machine system. By drawing on the advantages of medicine feeders at home and abroad, the device has the characteristics of compact structure, easy operation and easy to use, and simple installation etc. With high corrosion resistance, its components can be selected according to the international standards such as ASME, SSPC, IEC, ASTM, and ANSI etc.


Intelligent medicine feeder prepares medicine based on the required concentration in the mixing tank, puts in the solution tank after being evenly stirred by the mixer, and delivers the prepared solution dosing point or the designated system with the metering pump. According to the requirements of different technological processes of users, the device can also carry out targeted design and configure necessary software to realize automatic remote control and other functions.

Structural composition

The device is mainly composed of dosing mechanism, mixing mechanism, control mechanism, alarm system, filtration and heat preservation system. It has the functions of storage, mixing and transportation of medicine.

Selection of materials in contact with liquid medicine:

Material No.

Material name

Stainless steel


Carbon steel lined with glass fiber reinforced plastic

Carbon steel lined with rubber


Power supply 380VAC;

Volume of drug storage tank: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 m³ optional;

Distribution control cabinet: intelligent and manual;

Explosion proof grade: Exdia Ⅱ BT4;

Treated with plastic spraying anti-corrosion on the surface of skid mounted machine base;

Protection grade: IP65.

Device classification

The intelligent medicine feeder can be divided into three categories according to the use occasions.

Oil field medicine feeder. Used for the injection of various kinds of liquid medicines such as flocculant, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, demulsifier etc. into the wellhead and other systems on the platform in petroleum exploitation.

Boiler medicine feeder. Used for adding ammonia and hydrazine to boiler feed water, condensate and shutdown protection, adding phosphate to steam boiler, etc, and is mainly applied in the power plants and power stations.

Water treatment medicine feeder. Used for adding add medicine to tap water, waste water and sewage during water treatment.


Functional features

Skid mounted design, less land occupation, easy to mobile ;

Convenient adjustment, stable performance and good economy;

Suction mounted pump, not easily blocked, with few troubles and low operating costs;

Excellent corrosion resistance and long service life;

Flexible configuration scheme, can match different use environment and user demand;

Users can optionally choose the main body material and supporting standards;

With multiple optional control modes, such as manual, automatic etc.

A professional after-sales engineer team provides on-site installation and commissioning, repair and maintenance services.

Shandong Shengzhe Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shengli Oilfield of China, and the place where the Yellow River enters the sea – Dongying City, Shandong Province. Founded in 2013, the company has a registered capital of 60 million Yuan and a covering area of 16985.17 ㎡. It is a supplier of special petroleum equipment integrating research and development, production, sales and technical consulting.

The main products: multi-parameter metering device of Mobile oil well, multi-parameter metering device of crude oil wellhead, multi-parameter metering device of oil well in metering room, unit / branch line multi-parameter metering device, gas metering device for oil and gas wells, automatic water injection device, intelligent medicine feeder, controlled inverter energy saving system of oil well group, hitch valve block skid, wellhead connection skid, etc. At present, the products have obtained multiple certifications such as ISO9001 Quality, ISO14001 environment, OHSAS18001 occupational health management system etc.

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