The multi-parameter metering device of oil well in metering room (hereinafter referred to as the device) is used for the multiphase separation and measurement of oil well output. The device is installed in the field metering room and is used for the multiphase measurement of each oil well’s output. The device can be matched with optional well valve set. Under the control of the system, the automatic switch and timing measurement of each well measurement port are achieved.It eliminates the process of manual reversing valve, and reduce the labor intensity of the staff. This device can effectively solve the realistic difficult problems in traditional measurement methods, such as poor intermittent sampling accuracy, large labor intensity and failure to reflect the data in time etc. It facilitates timely access to objective data to analyze and study the yield changes of the wells in the block of the unit, and provides a reliable basis for the dynamic management of reservoirs.

The successful development of the device provides a solution for the accurate measurement of multiphase flow under the condition of multiphase mixed transmission process for oil field production, and provides effective support and means for oil field production to realize the fine management of single wells, which is beneficial to promote the improvement of oil field production technology and management level in the oil extraction industry.

Working principle

When the oil well receives liquid, it can realize effective separation of gas-liquid phase by the gas-liquid cyclone separator. The separation controller automatically controls the liquid level and gas-liquid pressure difference, and the separated gas and liquid pass through gas flowmeter, mass flowmeter and pressure instrument respectively, and the accurate measurement of gas volume, liquid volume, oil volume, water content, system pressure, temperature and other parameters is realized.

Functional features

1. With non-radioactive measurement, and easy to use and promote;

2. Wide application scope. Applicable to the multi-phase flow measurement of single well in oil field under different conditions and media flow patterns in various complex environments such as land, sea and desert;

3. Pipeline structure design matching the process is used, pressure-free device with reliable use;

4. High accuracy of the measurement data and evident comparative advantage;

5. With 24-hour continuous automatic online measurement and tracking description function;

6. Reliable operation, long service life, easy to operate, less maintenance and low maintenance and operation cost;

7. Fixed and installed in the metering room, used for the measurement of the output of each oil well in the metering room.

8. Can realize real-time measurement of single-phase or multi-phase parameters of oil well output (customer optional);

9. Can realize real-time acquisition, calculation and analysis of field data, and can generate liquid, gas, water (oil) metering curve and various types of production reports (customer optional);

10. Can realize alarm function for abnormal data such as pressure, temperature and liquid volume (customer optional);

11. Can realize remote sending and transmission of field data (customer optional);

12. Can be matched with optional well valve set, without the process of manual reversing valve and can achieve unattended measurement of single well in metering room (customer optional).

Measurement range and conditions

Liquid volume: 0-5000t/d;

Gas volume: 0-100000Nm³/d;

Water content: 0~100%;

Design pressure: 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 10.0MPa or as required by the user;

Medium temperature: ≤120℃ (Under working condition temperature);

Environment temperature: -40~80℃.


Measurement accuracy

Liquid flow: ±2% ~ ±5%;

Comprehensive water content: ±2% ~ ±5%;

Gas flow: ±5% ~ ±10%.


Output parameters Can output instantaneous liquid phase, cumulative liquid phase, instantaneous gas phase, cumulative gas phase, temperature, pressure, water content and instantaneous oil quantity parameters;
Body material 20# carbon steel, 20G carbon steel, 304 / 316 / 316L stainless steel or as required by the user
Connection mode and standard Flange connection, performance standards GB, ANSI, AFI or as required by the user
Supply voltage 24VDC、110~380VAC
24VDC, 110~380VAC
Communication interface RS232/485
Communication protocol HART/ Standard Modbus


Multi-parameter metering device of oil well in metering room (basic type)

Structure composition: main body of the device, measuring instrument (mass flowmeter, gas flowmeter, pressure transmitter, pressure gauge), electric auxiliary temperature control and external insulation system of the device, data acquisition and analysis.

Multi-parameter metering device of oil well in metering room (high configuration type)

Structure composition: main body of the device, measuring instrument (mass flowmeter, Gas flowmeter, pressure transmitter, pressure gauge), electric auxiliary temperature control and external insulation system of the device, automatic well selection valve group and system, data acquisition and analysis processing system, data remote sending and transmission system (customer optional).



The warranty period of the device is one year;

During the warranty period, if the product has quality problems or technical obstacles that are not artificially damaged, the enterprise will provide free maintenance; after the warranty period expires, the enterprise will also provide long-term tracking services and enjoy life-long preferential maintenance.

Remote maintenance: Users can directly consult with technical personnel through the after-sales service hotline. After receiving the user’s fault call, the company’s after-sales service department will make a record and provide a reply within 2 hours. On-site maintenance: to help users deal with failures, and strive to solve them as soon as possible through telephone or network communication. For problems that cannot be solved by the above methods, the enterprise will quickly arrange engineering and technical personnel to arrive at the site in a short time.

The enterprise will adopt the method of sending people to the site or contacting by phone, adhere to the customer’s regular return visit system, take the initiative to understand the on-site work situation of each device, and do a good job in recording and data management to provide reliable data for product maintenance and improvement.

Enterprises provide users with 2-4 hours of technical training, and engineering and technical personnel train users on site installation, operation, equipment maintenance, and software use, so that operators can quickly master the essentials of product installation, use, and maintenance.

Shandong Shengzhe Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the Shengli Oilfield in Dongying City, Shandong Province, China, where the Yellow River enters the ocean. Founded in 2013, our company has a registered capital of 60 million Yuan and a covering area of 16985.17 ㎡. We are pushing the limits of special petroleum equipment by advancing research and development, and integrating production, sales, and technical consulting.


The main products we offer are: Multi-parameter metering device of mobile oil well, Multi-parameter metering device of crude oil wellhead, Multi-parameter metering device of oil well in metering room, Unit / branch line multi-parameter metering device, Gas metering device for oil and gas wells, Automatic Water Injection Device, Intelligent Medicine Feeder, Controlled inverter energy saving system of oil well group, Hitch Valve Block Skid, Wellhead Connection Skid, etc. At present, the products have obtained multiple certifications such as ISO9001 Quality, ISO14001 environment, OHSAS18001 occupational health management system etc.


The company has relentlessly adhered to the business philosophy of “Quality, Reputation and Service”, and committed to develop more valuable products in the industry to meet customer demand since its founding. So far, the company has established friendly cooperative connections and partnerships with many domestic and foreign oil field companies. The company has won a good reputation for its excellent product quality and well-rounded after-sales service system. It also has a strong leading management team and a professional and enthusiastic sales team. Together we have built a productive and efficient working environment for decisive decision making, pleasant communication and high-quality service.


The company’s business objective is to “Create a Chinese brand offering world-class products”. Moreover, the company’s development goal is to establish a brand influence of “unique products, advanced technology and reliable service” in the domestic and global market.


The company has benefited convenient transportation from the important geographical advantages with only 3 hours’ drive from Qingdao, Yantai and Tianjin Port. The company’s general port of departure is Qingdao. It only takes 1-2 days for shipment, which can satisfy the needs for fast delivery from our international customers.

Company leaders and all employees sincerely welcome all the friends both from China and the globe to visit and negotiate and cooperate!


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